CX-2415 Advanced 24Volt 12.5Amp Batter Charger

3.00 KGS
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CX2415 3 stage battery chargers are microprocessor controlled for fast and accurate charging of most batteries

Universal AC input with active PFC
Compatible with Lead Acid, li-ion, Gel and AGM batteries
Support remote controller CR-1 as optional accessory.
Voltage / temperature compensation (with battery temperature sensor) 
2 stage fan speed control (Sleep mode)
Output power OK signal
High efficiency and high reliability
Built-in battery rescue function
Built-in Engine Start Battery (ESB) output function
Protection Short Circuit / Over Voltage / Over Temperature / Brown-out Protection
Withstand 2G vibration test
mains lead included
Top lable designed by capricorn controls. 


183W x 72H x 243L (mm)