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The KSM720 series provide manual start and fault protection in a wide range of engine applications. They are housed in custom designed 72mmsq DIN standard modules that can be easily mounted into almost any switch box or control panel. Dedicated fault channels are provided for Low Oil Pressure (LOP), Cooling Fault (TEMP) and Overspeed (OS). An auxiliary channel (AUX) is user programmable. A slide-in label allows custom wording for the AUX channel and omission of OS if this is not used. The fuel control output provides engine shutdown and alarm functions, via an external relay. The Auxiliary Channel (- output) can be user programmable along with other functions via the rear accessed potentiometer and switches which can include 50 / 60Hz selection. Engine shutdown and alarm indication is provided via an external Fuel Control relay. Customer specific hardware and software is available to order. 

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If this is a replacement product please contact us with the serial number of the original unit to ensure that the correct one is supplied.

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